August Kekulé, Inc. (Osaka)

Born from a combination of a scientific perspective, Japanese manufacturing technology and caring for the users, SURENA is a boxer brief that does not constrict and feels comfortably on the skin. Inner thigh chafing is a common problem for people with larger thighs. The inner thighs where tend to get sweaty can get skin irritation due to them rubbing against each other. This product was born out of the desire of solving such discomfort that may lower your motivation for work or leisure. Because body size is also part of your personality, the company sought to help people be true to themselves and live life their own way by offering a product that can be used every day while letting them stay positive and active. The whole new, patent-pending double-layered inseam structure, which quickly absorbs sweat to reduce uncomfortable sticky feeling, was developed through repeated hypothesis testing and verification based on scientific perspective. Then, through collaboration with professionals at sewing and fabric factories in Japan, the stretchy fabric for the waist and the unique secret sewing technique were developed. The resulting boxer brief does not constrict your movement while not being too tight. Cotton, which is gentle on the skin and highly absorbent, has been employed as the material. Created in pursuit of comfort, SURENA is gender-neutral and allows users to enjoy a pleasant, smooth texture by preventing stuffiness even if you sweat a lot while reducing skin damage of those with large waist.

August Kekulé, Inc. (Osaka)

2021 Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


Three sizes: M, L, LL


Two colors: Red, Black

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JPY5,437 (excluding tax)