Uzumaki task®︎note

Emmagination LLC (Ibaraki)

“Uzumaki task®︎ note” is a life hack tool for managing daily schedules and to do lists through an uzumaki (spiral) method so that items can be efficiently completed without being missed or postponed. The method helps your mind to naturally head towards the uzumaki’s center (the goal or objective), allowing you to picture yourself as having completed the task, and to self-coach your actions towards that goal. Writing down in the uzumaki the task and time to do it on the side helps to predict the amount of time needed to complete it. This naturally starts your mind moving to finish the task on time, and as a result it can be completed in time. In addition, writing in the target time helps to schedule in and proportion other times such as for travel, break and some leeway, allowing for efficient task completion. Uzumaki task®︎ note has great potential for supporting persons with developmental disabilities such as ADHD, who often lose self-confidence from missing tasks or forgetting their schedule. By assisting these people overcome their troubles, the company hopes for them to lead more comfortable, secure and successful lives.

Emmagination LLC (Ibaraki)

2021 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


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