NEGAI A3 Size Ethical Leather Bag

Ethical Leather Sobagni (Shizuoka)

NEGAI is a business bag made of ethical leather produced by a Japanese synthetic leather manufacturer boasting No. 1 domestic market share. Created with the same leather used as an automotive interior material, the bag has passed a strict physical property testing and can deliver long-term durability. While being big enough to fit A3 size paper, the bag is incredibly lightweight yet durable. With interior pockets perfect for keeping smartphone, key case, wallet and other items organized, the bag is also practical and convenient.
More than 80 years dedicated to manufacturing and sales of synthetic leathers, the company ranks first in Japan and second overseas in respective market share in synthetic leather materials for automotive interiors. NEGAI was brough to life by combining a leather material used in luxury car interior that can last over 10 years without major damages with Japan’s reliable sewing techniques. Committed to domestic production so that the company can be fully responsible for the manufacturing processes, the products are made without using any environmentally hazardous substances, carcinogens or environmental hormones. NEGAI is a bag infused with the hope of providing more opportunities for the users to enjoy the made-in-Japan quality.

Ethical Leather Sobagni (Shizuoka)

2021 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Three colors: Black, Red, Dark Brown

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JPY29,091 (excluding tax)