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Millex Japan Co., Ltd (Yamanashi)

Proudly wearing the famous trademarked Fujisan in its name, Whiskey the Fujisan uses spring water polished over many years in Mount Fuji’s unique basalt layer, collected from the region which is 1,000 meters above sea level and 160-meter underground of the forest area. Whiskey the Fujisan is a malt and grain blended whiskey that offers a mellow aroma and rich taste that expand as the ice melts. Highball, or mixing with sparkling water, is the recommended way to enjoy it. Established in 2000 and named after the millennium year, the company aims to produce and introduce its Fujisan brand products to the world from its home in Yamanashi Prefecture. Particularly, Whiskey the Fujisan is exported to 25 countries and regions around the world today. The label design is the proof of a great tasting whiskey. The company is committed to deliver delicious products that can fascinate its customers.

Millex Japan Co., Ltd (Yamanashi)

2021 Gold Award
Genre: Food/Drink


700 ml

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JPY2,200 (excluding tax)