2021 Gold

Koala Reusable Adhesive Tape

JIT Inc. (Yamanashi)

Easy to remove, this reusable gel tape that has adhesive on both sides is suitable for temporary tape applications on walls, furniture, electronics and other surfaces as an alternative to push pins and nails. Unlike vinyl tapes or normal double-sided adhesive tapes, it does not leave any trace behind, so you can use it with peace of mind. It lets you cut the tape to any size and easily stick anything at will while being easily removable with no sticky residue. If the tape picks up any dust or dirt, it can be washed with water and dried to restore stickiness, allowing you to use it repeatedly to reduce waste. Can be stuck on various surfaces; great for use in offices, around desk as well as for stopping furniture and carpet from sliding. Based on the concept of “Providing the right products and services necessary for the times to the people who need them,” the company strives to continue to evolve its business to meet ever-changing needs.

JIT Inc. (Yamanashi)

2021 Gold Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Two types
– Thickness 2 mm x Length 2 m
– Thickness 1 mm x Length 1 m

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‘- Thickness 2 mm x Length 2 m JPY980
– Thickness 1 mm x Length 1 m JPY580
(All excluding tax)