2021 Gold

Card holder with Spray bottle

CG Communications Co., Ltd. (Saitama)

Combining an ID card holder with a spray bottle for disinfectant, this product lets you clean your hands and items with alcohol whenever necessary. It was initially produced with a 3D printer for personal use to allow cleaning hands immediately after entering the office. Later, in response to the requests from many people who had seen it and got intrigued by its convenience, it was commercialized following prototypes, which were first supplied to companies and hospitals in the vicinity of the company as a trial.
The card holder comes with a built-in spray bottle that you can fill with alcohol so that you can use it as a disinfectant while wearing the holder. By inserting an office ID card or transportation IC card in the holder and wear it around your neck, it comes in very handy when you want to use the spray to clean elevator buttons, doorknobs or smartphone’s screen at any time. The product, very convenient for use in offices and hospitals, was featured in NHK New Ohayo Nippon morning television show as well as Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun newspaper in 2021, and has been favorably received by many users.

CG Communications Co., Ltd. (Saitama)

2021 Gold Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Two types
– Basic model (without a neck strap)
– Standard model (with a neck strap)


Two colors: White, Black

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‘- Basic model JPY800
– Standard model JPY891
(All excluding tax and shipping)