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SURIPPA by Houstable. JAPAN

HONSHU CO., LTD. (Tokyo)

Slippers have been an important element of Japanese people’s daily life since long ago. “SURIPPA by Houstable,” a brand brought to life to pass on slipper culture and techniques to the next generation, has launched Udatsu slippers KINKAZAN from its new series “Nihon no Takumi,” which features Japan’s traditional materials. Kinkazan is a type of velvet with special loops and cuts. Also used in world’s leading designers’ collections, it is regarded as the pile fabric of the highest grade for its beauty and finest craftsmanship. The new slippers are made by employing Kinkazan fabric for the original Udatsu slippers, which are dyed in a single color to highlight the beauty of the uneven weave of the fabric. The unique “udatsu” structure allows extra space at the toes making it easy to put on and take off. The insoles are durable and have good cushioning while the sole has an embossed traditional seigaiha wave pattern that prevents slipping on smooth surfaces. The slippers come available in two colors: “Kachi-iro,” a deep indigo (almost black), which was preferred by samurai warriors as auspicious winning color during Kamakura Period, and “Shirahana-iro,” an elegant color like a white flower that has been revered as a color associated with Shinto rituals since ancient times. It is a perfect product that allows you to enjoy a sophisticated modern Japanese style.

*Udatsu: The slipper structure is inspired by the historical street of Udatsu town in Tokushima, which is lined with old merchant houses from the Edo and Meiji periods. The street gets its name from the distinctive firewall called udatsu built at both ends of a roof. Because they were very expensive, udatsu became a symbol of wealth and advancement of life, so merchants on this street began to try to outdo each other with more intricate designs. Based on such background, udatsu also give rise to the saying Udatsu ga agaru/agaranai, (literally, “able/unable to raise udatsu”) an expression that means being active or vigorous in their lifestyle and economic performances, or the other way around.

HONSHU CO., LTD. (Tokyo)

2021 Consecutive Awards
Genre: Daily necessities
Award winner for two consecutive years from 2020 to 2021


‘- Udatsu room shoes
4 colors: Karacha, Rurikon, Kitsune-iro, Azuki-cha
– Udatsu slippers KINKAZAN
2 colors: Kachi-iro, Shirahana-iro



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‘- Udatsu room shoes JPY3,500
– Udatsu slippers KINKAZAN JPY5,000
(All excluding tax)