Hisada Art Industry Co., Ltd. (Kyoto)

A culmination of numerous customer voices and years of knowledge collected at the salon with 120 years of history in Kyoto, this unique lineup of haircare products will defy common assumptions—a shampoo that does not leave the hair tangled and dry even used by itself; a conditioner that is silicone-free; and furthermore, conditioner isn’t even necessary when the hair is healthy. The ingredients are designed to be extremely gentle, limiting the cleanser from damaging the hair and scalp as much as possible. As moisturizing agents, silk extract produced in Kyoto and Daiginjo sake extract sourced from a Kyoto sake brewery are used. In addition, the product is formulated with seven types of organic extracts which are certified by the internationally trusted organic certification Ecocert, and soothingly scented with natural essential oils. The conventional way of camouflaging the hairstyle by piling up more and more ingredients may lead to losing sight of the existing condition and onto more hair worries. Take a moment now to end your search for the perfect shampoo; beauty, health and comfort can coexist, and when the hair is in good condition, the hairstyle lasts longer, and in turn you can fully enjoy the style and design. We hope that you enjoy our products with your loved ones and become happier with your hair, and help more people feel that way about their hair.

Hisada Art Industry Co., Ltd. (Kyoto)

2021 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel


・Bottled 250ml
・Refill 500ml, 1,000ml

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250ml JPY2,500
500ml JPY4,000
1,000ml JPY7,500
(All excluding tax)