SYRINX, Inc. (Tokyo)

HITOE® FOLD ARIA wallet is thin and light as air yet beautiful and very original. It was designed in pursuit of an easy-to-use, high-capacity storage system that retains a form of minimalism, handy in today’s cashless society. Thanks to its unique “HITOE® (single) Structure,” an exceptional thinness compared with conventional wallets was achieved. The wallet can hold five bills and five cards; still, the wallet is 10mm-thin as only four to five layers of leather overlap each other. It is also super light—only about 33 g. The company has also developed a unique construction with a flap for tucking the cards in that acts as a fastener while preventing the cards from falling out. The wallet is simply made without using any metal parts; therefore, it makes it easy to slip into most pockets without damaging your clothes or the cards stored inside. In pursuit of comfort of use, each function is designed to complete with minimum action. Each wallet is made entirely of vegetable-tanned leather and manufactured with Japanese traditional techniques. The sophisticated design coupled with exquisite craftsmanship has enabled producing a wallet with functional beauty polished to perfection.

SYRINX, Inc. (Tokyo)

2021 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


6 colors
Greige, Ash, Iris, Chocolate, Navy, Black

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

JPY30,000 (excluding tax)