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Tokoname ware purple mud fukugata teapot set


This Tokoname ware tea set includes a teapot and two teacups crafted by a Tokoname ware pottery company, Ukougama, Mizumoto Touen. Produced in Tokoname City in Aichi Prefecture, Tokoname ware is known as one of the “Six Ancient Kilns” in Japan and has a long history dating back to the late Heian Period. At the end of the Edo Period, red clay “kyusu” teapots were born by oxidizing and firing clay with a high iron content. Since red clay contains a lot of iron oxide, it is said that it reacts with the tannin in the tea to reduce excess bitterness. Tokoname ware teapots are characterized by their easy-to-pour spout and their easy-to-hold handles. The body and lid are combined one by one to make it highly airtight, allowing the tea leaves to steep sufficiently to brew delicious tea. The company adopted fire reduction method to create red clay teapots, so the iron content in the clay reacts and changes its color to black. It employs the company’s original stainless-steel strip tea strainer net, which goes all the way around inside of the teapot, and all the gaps created between the teapot and the net become the exits for the tea. In this way, the tea leaves spread easily and even fine tea leaves such as deep steamed tea can be poured smoothly without clogging. The upper side of the black clay teapot, shaped like a squeezed bag, is colored with purple mud. The inside of the teacup is coated with a brush of white glaze called ‘’hakuyu’’ to give it a handmade look.


2021 Gold Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Set contents:
-1 teapot (320 cc)
-A pair of teacups

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JPY4,740 (excluding tax)