GREFAS ROYAL Skin Care Series

Hokkaido Natural Bio Group Co., Ltd. (Hokkaido)

GREFAS ROYAL is a next-generation skin care series that approaches the skin condition itself rather than simply providing something that the skin is lacking or improving the skin’s texture. The products aim for bringing out the best in your skin through basic skin care that refines the skin conditions while providing a comprehensive treatment for skin problems. The secret to a skin that guarantees compliments and makes you feel confident in lies in the skin conditions. Made with the company’s original production method under stringent management at its factory in Hokkaido using various natural ingredients such as its own placenta extract as well as fragrances and extracts derived from plants and ocean in Hokkaido, the company is engaged in a thorough effort to deliver high-quality skin care items without compromise. The company puts its heart into making the best products made in Hokkaido that can help people around the world become more beautiful. The eye-catching pink package is designed based on the image of Japan’s cherry blossoms to emphasize the made-in-Japan quality of the products. Based on the concept of “make use of natural blessings generously and gently,” the company has been carrying out R&D activities on skin conditions over 30 years with the main focus on the effect of placenta to produce skin care series that only it can offer.

Hokkaido Natural Bio Group Co., Ltd. (Hokkaido)

2020 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


・GREFAS ROYAL Essence Lotion (10 sachets, 30 sachets, 90 sachets)
・GREFAS ROYAL Cleansing Oil (200ml)
・GREFAS ROYAL Concentrate Essence (30ml)
・GREFAS ROYAL Moist Up Essence (30ml)
・GREFAS ROYAL Stretch Gel (50g)
・GREFAS ROYAL Concentrate Cream (50g)

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・GREFAS ROYAL Essence Lotion
10 sachets JPY1,500
30 sachets JPY3,200
90 sachets JPY7,500
・GREFAS ROYAL Cleansing Oil JPY3,800
・GREFAS ROYAL Concentrate Essence JPY6,000
・GREFAS ROYAL Moist Up Essence JPY6,800
・GREFAS ROYAL Stretch Gel JPY6,000
・GREFAS ROYAL Concentrate Cream JPY11,000
(All excluding tax)