Rice Bran Pad


Developed by a rice shop using rice bran, the pad can be used both for heating and cooling your body. When heated, rice bran releases heat containing moisture that slowly warms up the body from inside. The microwavable pad helps relieving pain such as stiff eyes, shoulders and back, while also being useful for those suffering from weak feeling due to keeping the air conditioner running too cold. In summer, you can use it to cool down your body by freezing it. The outer bag has small loops so that you can attach it to your body using a string. Made only from brown rice, rice bran and salt, the product is 100% natural. The fabrics made of 100% cotton and linen come with a simple embroidery that adds an accent to the product. In addition to its excellent function that retains the heat for a number of hours, the soft materials and the shape that fits comfortably to the body, the subtle aroma of the rice bran as well as the warm design also make the product attractive.


2020 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


5 colors: Sumi (black), Green, Pink, Yellow, Ecru

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JPY2,364 (excluding tax)