Four seasons knitted belly warmer

Gennai Seiyaku Co.,Ltd. (Tokyo)

As the product name “+2Cº” indicates, this haramaki (belly warmer) series was brought to life based on the concept of raising apparent temperature by 2 degrees. Not only on cold winter but even in summer, quite many people suffer from feeling coldness in the belly and back. With this in mind, “+2Cº” aims at increasing the apparent temperature to keep both the body and mind warm of those who have a problem with cold sensations. Because ambient temperature differs depending on the season, the company created four types of haramaki tailored to each season with different length and thickness of the material. In order to dispel the image of haramaki as an undergarment for the elderly, ecru color that matches any style and age was employed. In addition, the botanical dye adds a feeling of the autumn season to the lineup. Made by skilled craftspeople using an analog circular knitting machine, which is extremely valuable today, the haramaki is seamless and stretches well while offering a gentle touch to the skin. The products use thread certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and a patch test for allergies has been carried out to ensure safety. The company has also focused on the packaging. Employed with a different design for each season, the enticing package is made only with a single piece of paper to reduce packaging waste. The series of haramaki infused with a sense of omotenashi lets you feel the four seasons and delivers a smile to those who receive it.

Gennai Seiyaku Co.,Ltd. (Tokyo)

2020 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


‘- Haramaki for spring (ecru) W22cm x L32cm
– Haramaki for summer (ecru) W22cm x L32cm
*25% thinner than the spring haramaki
– Haramaki for autumn (ecru, cosmos) W22cm x L32cm
*25% thicker than summer haramaki
– Haramaki for winter (ecru) W22cm x L32cm
*25% thicker than autumn haramaki

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JPY2,800 (excluding tax)