White Birch Sparkling Water “Shirase”


Shirase is Japan’s first carbonated water made from sap collected in Japan’s largest white birch forest in Hiraniwa Kogen (highlands) in Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture. Densely forested, the city has traditionally benefited from the blessings of the beautiful white birch trees and developed a unique culture around them which remained almost unknown not only in Japan but even in the Tohoku region. With this in mind, Shirase was brought to life with the purpose of introducing the beautiful nature and local culture of Kuji and Hiraniwa Kogen through food to a wider audience. In order to maximize the natural sweet flavors of the birch tree sap, the carbonated water was produced by adding only a small amount of juice extracted from apples and delicious water sourced in the region. The concept of making use of an undetected local resource combined with other materials sourced in the Tohoku region to create a new value is the biggest feature of the product. The water does not disturb the taste of the dishes while letting you enjoy the hints of sweet flavors with a subtle aftertaste of the birch tree sap. Infused with the essence of omotenashi, its gentle and natural flavors do not express in excess and enhance the flavors of the dishes, providing a good match also with delicate Japanese cuisine.


2020 Award
Genre: Food/Drink



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1 bottle JPY400
6 bottles JPY2,400
24 bottles JPY9,600
24 bottles JPY 8,800 for regular purchase
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