wazarashi gauze pajamas panema


Wazarashi gauze pajamas “panama” is made using double gauze fabric (two layers of cotton gauze). Woven delicately on a shuttle loom in Japan to reduce stress on the fibers, the resulting fabric is airy and has a softer texture compared to products woven on high speed air jet loom, which is commonly used. The double gauze fabric is bleached in a traditional method for removing natural impurities to produce Wazarashi cotton, which is one of traditional industries of Sakai City in Osaka developed in the Edo period. While the fibers are quickly processed in a machine by applying high pressure in the Western scouring process, Wazarashi cottons are naturally bleached over a few days without applying any pressure. As a result, the fibers remain in a shape close to a perfect circle achieving a smooth and soft texture. In addition, the thin air layer created by the fluffs in the gauze provides excellent breathability, heat retention and perspiration absorbency to support a comfortable sleep. Another biggest feature is that the more you wash the gauze, the softer and fluffier it becomes. Because double gauze is more difficult to sew, the products are sewn manually by skilled craftspeople in Japan. All processes, from selecting the textile, bleaching, dyeing to sewing, are carried out in Japan with great care. Feel the enhanced comfort with panema pajamas made of Wazarashi gauze.


2020 Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


Wazarashi gauze pajamas, gauze scarf, hairband


S, M, L


3 colors: Lavender, White, Green

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Wazarashi gauze pajamas JPY15,000 (excluding tax)
Set of Wazarashi gauze pajamas, gauze scarf and hairband JPY18,000 (excluding tax)