A&V Project Co., Ltd. (Gunma)

The pork jerky series is made from “Fukubuta,” a high-class branded pork raised by Hayashi Farm at the foot of Mount Akagi in Gunma Prefecture. There are two flavors. The red wine pork jerky made with dry-aged pork leg meat offers a subtle smoky aroma and the rich taste of the meat the more you chew. The taste of the jerky marinated in red wine is so exceptional that may reinvent the notion of traditional jerkies. Black pepper pork jerky made from pork belly meat lets you enjoy a hint of smoky flavor, rich taste of the meat, savory sweet taste of fat and the spiciness of the black pepper that spread in your mouth the more you chew it. Feast on the delicious taste of the pork belly meat which the company recommends with absolute confidence.

A&V Project Co., Ltd. (Gunma)

2020 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Red wine pork jerky
Black pepper pork jerky

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1 pack JPY602 (excluding tax)