2020 Gold


Ritzwell & Co. (Fukuoka)

Ritzwell believes that the aesthetic sense and skills of the artisans who play a vital role in the production of superior furniture can be only refined in a pleasant environment that they can feel comfortable with. Based on such an idea, the Itoshima Seaside Factory was opened in June 2019 in a picturesque coastal Itoshima City in Fukuoka surrounded by the sea and lush greenery of the mountains. The modern building stands alongside the rich nature where the sea breeze blows through the pine forest and the sound of the waves hitting the beach echoes. Infused with tranquility and elegant moment, it creates an atmosphere that makes up the unique identity of Ritzwell craftsmanship. The factory aims at expressing the sensibility, skills and specialized experience of the artisans through products by pursuing the values of leather-covering technique of chairs, which were forgotten in the modern time where efficiency is valued. The smooth finish on curves can only be achieved by skilled artisan with the keen eyes and steady hands backed by years of specialized experience. The environment surrounding the factory has been also well designed so that the artisans can further perceive their work with all their senses and put their souls into creating furniture. Ritzwell believes that the creativity inspired by the rich nature of Itoshima would bring out the beauty and comfort of its furniture that can be appreciated worldwide. At the same time, the factory is also aimed at providing visitors with an opportunity to delve deeper into Japan’s craftsmanship so that people can look more at enhancing their quality of life.

Ritzwell & Co. (Fukuoka)

2020 Gold Award
Genre: Experiences

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