2020 Gold

Nippon Misogura Meguri


Savor a variety of miso soups as if you were touring around Japan. Misogen is a shop specialized in miso soup that lets you enjoy selected soups made using miso from different regions in Japan.
A warm bowl of miso soup has a savory aroma of miso and bonito broth which soothes both your body and mind. Misogen was established in hope of delivering a relaxing moment in people’s daily life with a comforting taste of Japan. Types and flavors of miso vary depending on the region, climate, history and manufacturer. Although miso is mostly made from rice, beans are also used in Chubu region, while barley miso is popular in Kyushu and some part of Shikoku regions. Misogen has visited miso manufacturers in respective regions around Japan to produce a variety of miso soup so that customers can learn and enjoy the differences of each miso type. All you need to do is pour 160ml of hot water over the freeze-dried cube and you can feel as if you were traveling around Japan. In cooperation with nine miso manufacturers around Japan, Misogen has created a variety of freeze-dried miso soups in hope of conveying the uniqueness of each miso types while also letting you learn about each region and manufacturer.

Hokkaido: Tokachi chunky red miso (tsubu miso); Koh-Itten Iwata Co., Ltd.
Nagano: Additive-free white miso; Shinshumiso Co., Ltd.
Hiroshima: Miso made using oyster broth; Shinjyo Miso Co., Ltd.
Oita: Barley miso from Kyushu region; Fundokin Shoyu Co., Ltd.
Tokyo: Edo Amamiso Awase (mixed miso); Hinodemiso Co., Ltd.
Miyagi: Sendai Miso; Sendai Miso Shoyu Co., Ltd.
Tokushima: Miso made from seven grains; Shimaya Miso
Kumamoto: Daichi no Okurimono Miso; Matsuai Food Co., Ltd
Aichi: Red miso; KAKUKYU, HATCHO MISO Limited Partnership
Tokyo: Pork and vegetable miso soup; Misogen


2020 Gold Award
Genre: Food/Drink


10 kinds:
Shiroyamabuki (Yamabuki Miso, Nagano)
Koh-Itten (Koh-Itten Iwata Co., Ltd., Hokkaido)
Kaki Dashiiri Miso (Shinjyo Miso Co., Ltd., Hiroshima)
Kyushu no Mugi Miso (Fundokin Shoyu Co., Ltd., Oita)
Edo Amamiso Awase (Hinodemiso Co., Ltd., Tokyo)
Sendai Miso (Sendai Miso Shoyu Co., Ltd., Miyagi)
Shichikoku Miso (Shimaya Miso, Tokushima)
Daichi no Okurimono (Matsuai Food Co., Ltd, Kumamoto)
Akadashi Miso (KAKUKYU, HATCHO MISO Limited Partnership, Aichi)
Misogen no Tonjiru (pork and vegetable miso soup)


3 packs per box

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JPY550 (excluding tax)