2020 Gold

Homemade whole fruit jam

Shirakawa Farm Co., Ltd. (Agricultural Corporation) (Okinawa)

Run by a mother daughter duo in Okinawa, Shirakawa Farm was among the first companies that moved to the so-called sixth-order industry, which is an idea to promote revitalization of agriculture by integrating production (primary) with processing (secondary) and distributing/selling (tertiary) industries to achieve greater value added in products and services. The whole-fruit jam series was launched with the aim to reduce waste of fruits grown in the farm. All of the six flavors of mango, dragon fruit, kabuchii mandarin, guava, passion fruit and hibiscus/roselle are made 100% with fruits cultivated in the company’s own farm in Okinawa and domestic beet sugar, without using any fragrance, preservatives or coloring agent. Also, tapioca starch used as a thickener is also produced from the cassava plant grown at the farm, making the jam 100% pure and natural. Although Okinawa is abundant in fruits grown locally, their consumption has been declining in the recent years. With this in mind, Shirakawa Farm has embarked on production of delicious jam using fruits that could otherwise disappear such as guava, kabuchii and hibiscus roselle. Especially, they were particular about the quality of guava fruits and even cultivated guava trees exclusively for jam by selecting the best seedlings in terms of color and scent. Enjoy the delicious flavors of the fruits of Okinawa.

Shirakawa Farm Co., Ltd. (Agricultural Corporation) (Okinawa)

2020 Gold Award
Genre: Food/Drink


6 kinds
Mango, Dragon fruit, Kabuchii mandarin, Guava, Passion fruit, Hibiscus Roselle



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