2020 Consecutive Gold

Eco de cool series

JOGAN CO., LTD (Osaka)

Registered as utility model, Eco de cool series is woven in part with a special cool yarn and has twice the cooling touch compared to general cotton, helping to cool off just by touching the surface. The series that was first launched as a towel brand now offers a wide range of items such as eye pillows, face masks, and shawls. The cooling effect is further enhanced by soaking the towel in water or using it together with a cold compress, so it is effective as supplement to a fan or air conditioner while also being eco-friendly. Commonly available cooling towels are mainly made with synthetic fibers and do not have the same functions as normal towels, such as wiping sweat and liquids. However, by combining cotton yarn and cool yarn, the manufacturer has developed a cooling towel that absorbs moisture like conventional towels while also having a cooling effect. The towel is also effective for heat stroke prevention and protection from UV rays of high summer for spending the hot and humid summer in Japan comfortably. The product has been recognized as an eco-friendly summer product, and sales have increased every year with over five million products sold since its launch.

JOGAN CO., LTD (Osaka)

2020 Consecutive Gold Awards
Genre: Daily necessities
Gold Award winner for two consecutive years from 2019 to 2020


Pile fabric muffler
Pocket cool muffler
Water cool muffler
Eye pillow
Pillow pad
Cool sports muffler
Cool shawl
Three-layered gauze cool face mask
No-sew simple face mask
Cool sheet (currently in the works)
Cool blanket (currently in the works)

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

JPY1,000 – JPY1,800 (all excluding tax)
Pile fabric muffler JPY1,000
Pocket cool muffler JPY1,000
Water cool muffler JPY1,000
Eye pillow JPY1,200
Pillow pad JPY1,800
Cool sports muffler JPY1,000
Cool shawl JPY1,800
Three-layered gauze cool face mask JPY650
No-sew simple face mask JPY800
Cool sheet (price not determined)
Cool blanket (price not determined)