2020 Gold

ICHID° Premium Sparkling Sake

SAKE Generation, Inc. (Tokyo)

With the idea of showing the world the values of Japanese brands, Sake Generation Inc. embarked on development of the product by putting the customer first. Through intensive communication and tasting events with more than 500 customers from 60 countries over three years, the brand name ICHIDº that is easy for foreigners to remember was decided while the elegant and clear taste was finally brought to life. The company aspires to introduce new sparkling sake experience to the world through ICHIDº series which beginners can also enjoy. The sparkling sake is made through in-bottle secondary fermentation method in which moromi is poured into a bottle after being pressed so that it gets further fermented and release carbon dioxide gas in the bottle. Although the method, also known as the “Champagne method,” requires time and effort, it produces fine, delicate bubbles while bringing out an elegant and mellow sweetness of rice. Two types of sparkling sake are available: SAKE (ABV 7%), which is suitable for sparkling sake beginners, and DRY of a refreshing flavor that does not disturb the taste of the dish. Meanwhile, Junmai Daiginjo has a rich aroma and a crisp, light aftertaste. The elegant and smooth flavor and the fruity, rich aroma were brought by using the popular Gohyakumangoku sake rice as well as carefully selected water and rice malt.

SAKE Generation, Inc. (Tokyo)

2020 Gold Award
Genre: Food/Drink


ICHIDº Sparkling SAKE
ICHIDº Sparkling DRY
ICHIDº Junmai Daiginjo



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ICHIDº Sparkling SAKE JPY1,600
ICHIDº Sparkling DRY JPY1,800
ICHIDº Junmai Daiginjo JPY2,400
(All excluding tax)