Right-EAR L.L.C. (Shizuoka)

Pillowspeaker™ is designed to be used pillow so that you can enjoy music or podcasts when you want to relax before bedtime or when you need to lie down for a while. The speaker employs a unique flat WSDD driver and delivers quality sound with little distortion. The speaker driver is only 5.2mm thick, so you can’t even feel the speaker is when placed under a pillow. While the speaker itself has a unique flat shape, it is easy to use — just like normal headphones — and doesn’t require any special devices such as amplifiers or electrical power. All you need to do is connect the speaker to an earphone terminal. Due to their structure, flat speakers emit sound from both the front and the back but not from the side. Therefore, Pillowspeaker™ is appreciated by those who are bedridden, or in hospital as it doesn’t bother those around them.

Right-EAR L.L.C. (Shizuoka)

2020 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


5 cover patterns made with “Enshu Men Tsumugi” cotton fabric
*Patterns are subject to change

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Pillowaspeaker PS-21-E
JPY21,000 (excluding tax)