【entokaku】Gibier Leather Coin Case (Aichi)

When wild animals are hunted to prevent agricultural crop damage, their hides are typically discarded as industrial waste. This gibier leather product was created in an attempt to effectively utilize these hides. Furthermore, the manufacturing is done at an employment facility for persons with disabilities, adding value to the product by improving wages for persons with disabilities. The product is designed and produced in an appealing way even when the manufacturing process is well visualized and simplified. The Japan Eco Leather Standard certified leather is processed with vegetable tannin, which helps to minimize risk of discharge of substances toxic to nature and humans, compared to the conventional leather tanned with basic chromium sulphate. It is safe for babies and people with sensitive skin, and even biodegradable after use. The gibier leather coin case is both environmentally friendly and supports welfare of persons with disabilities. (Aichi)

2020 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Black, Green, Camel

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JPY5,000 (excluding tax)