2020 Special

Neck Cooler Neo

THANKO,inc. (Tokyo)

Survive the sweltering heat of the Japanese summer!
Neck Cooler Neo makes walking around town during the hot summer more comfortable. The product is designed with a registered utility model structure that cools when conducting electricity. Rather than feeling coolness from blowing air like with miniature fans, the Neck Cooler works to actually chill the body surface through a metal plate, meaning you can reliably become cooler even in humid environments. A conventional mobile battery ensures a continuous cooling effect for 10 hours (in High mode) at 10,000 mAh. A hand-held controller allows you to switch the cooling mode to the following: High mode (maximum power cools surface temperature by up to -15 degrees Celsius), Low mode (softer cooling effect for when the High mode is too cold) and Fluctuating mode (since the user would get accustomed to the cooling effect, this mode automatically fluctuates between high to low levels every few seconds so the coolness can be felt for a longer period).
In the sweltering and humid Japanese summer, the Neck Cooler Neo provides a refreshing coolness that cannot be felt with a normal fan. It will surely be indispensable for traveling in Japan, which tends to involve a lot of walking.

THANKO,inc. (Tokyo)

2020 Special Distinction Award (NIPPON EXPRESS Cross-border EC Express Service Award)
Genre: IT/Electronics


One size fits all
*Length adjustable
*Two spacers included for women and children


Three types: White, Black, Navy

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

JPY5,437 (excluding tax)