2020 Gold


TRIAD Inc. (Osaka)

Omoshiroi Block is a unique memo pad designed based on the belief of sustaining memories in sculpture. It looks like a memo paper cube at first but as the paper on the pad is used up, an intricate paper art embedded inside is gradually revealed. The concept of “memory × moment × sculpture” expresses the company’s hope that users will enjoy the passage of time as they use each sheet. A combination of leveraging technology and experience accumulated over 20 years in the architectural model manufacturing created the Omoshiroi Block series. Each sheet, which is uniquely and intricately designed, is stacked up manually, one by one. Only traditional Japanese colors are used and special attention is paid to the texture of the paper to offer a pleasant feel when tearing it off. The products are inspired by beautiful designs, including famous architectural landmarks of Japan, world heritage sites and national treasures, as well as Japanese culture in general. Omoshiori Block that brings you back to your wonderful memories of your Japan journey every time you use it.

TRIAD Inc. (Osaka)

2020 Gold Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Kyoto -HANA-, Kyoto -RIN-, Kyoto -TSUCHI-, Kyoto -MIYABI-, Kyoto -TOMO-, Kyoto – YOU-, Kyoto -AI-, Asakusa, Piano, Osaka Castle, Clay figurine with clasping hands, Takoyaki, SL, Tokyo Towe, Violin, Camera, and others

Autumn in Kyoto, Refreshment in Kyoto, Under the Wave off Kanagawa, South Wind, Clear Sky, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Washington D.C, Paris, and others

Sakura, Nishikigoi, and others

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・SHAPE JPY3,800 – JPY10,000
JPY3,800, JPY5,800, JPY7,800, JPY10,000
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