2020 Consecutive Gold

Zaiho Premium Pudding

ZAIHO CO.,LTD. (Kagoshima)

All six pudding flavors contain special eggs from chickens raised on natural alkaline hot spring water and special feed containing lactic acid bacteria. The orange yolks are firm and rich. The combination of an abundance of these eggs, rich jersey cow milk from Aso city in Kumamoto, and fresh cream from Kyushu makes an extremely smooth and creamy pudding. All of the puddings are made-to-order and delivered fresh from our kitchen to your home. You can enjoy the freshest flavor of eggs, milk and other carefully selected ingredients. This pudding has the perfect balance of elements; no single flavor is too strong, yet you can still detect and enjoy each natural flavor. The puddings are available in a gift set of six flavors, enabling customers to share them with friends and family.

ZAIHO CO.,LTD. (Kagoshima)

2020 Consecutive Gold Awards
Genre: Food/Drink
Gold Award winner for three consecutive years from 2018 to 2020


6 kinds
Special pudding (plain), Cheese pudding, Matcha pudding, Chocolate pudding, Anno potato pudding, Beni haruka potato pudding

Sets of assorted puddings:
– Set of 6 flavors (1 each)
– Set of 2 flavors (3 each) * You can make a set of your favorite flavors
– Set of 3 flavors (2 each) * You can make a set of your favorite flavors

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

Set of 6 puddings JPY2,400 (excluding tax)
Set of 12 puddings JPY4,482 (excluding tax)