2020 Gold


COGIT co.,ltd (Osaka)

Tofu Soap is made through traditional craftsmanship and uses carefully selected ingredients. Its appearance resembles real tofu, making it an eye-catching item that evokes a feeling of Japan. Seiichiro Soymilk used in the soap is made of 100% rare, highest quality soybeans produced in a limited quantity with no artificial additives. In addition, the soaps are produced at Oketani Soap, a company engaged in soap making without using any additives throughout the manufacturing processes. Made by one of the few remaining soap craftsmen in Japan dedicated to the traditional flame kneading method, Tofu Soap boasts excellent washing ability and moisture-retaining effect.

COGIT co.,ltd (Osaka)

2020 Gold Award
Genre: Daily necessities



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JPY800 (excluding tax)