2020 Gold

Flavor green tea Osumi series

Kagoshima Horiguchi seicha Co., Ltd (Kagoshima)

TEAET is a new tea brand created to deliver a wide range of natural, healthy, and delicious products including green, black and flavored teas, and tea powder.
The green tea rose selection is made by blending organic rose petals from the Osumi region in Kagoshima Prefecture (Japan’s first certified organic rose) and the farm’s original deep-steamed green tea. It is the perfect tea to serve whether you’re entertaining guests or you want to relax, as it offers the authentic aroma of natural rose. The green tea yuzu selection combines yuzu citrus fruit peels grown in Osumi with the farm’s unique deep-steamed green tea. The soothing flavor of the green tea and the refreshing sour yuzu taste is effective in calming your mind and relaxing your mood. No artificial fragrances are used so you can immerse yourself in the natural, rich aroma with total peace of mind.

Kagoshima Horiguchi seicha Co., Ltd (Kagoshima)

2020 Gold Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Rose (5g x 3 teabags)
Yuzu (3g x 6 teabags)

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Rose JPY1,500
Yuzu JPY1,200
(All excluding tax)