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OYO Ryokan

OYO Hotels Japan G.K. (Tokyo)

Japan’s traditional inns, known as ryokan, are said to have originated approximately 1,300 years ago, during the Nara Period (710-784). OYO Ryokan aims to provide guests an opportunity to experience elements of traditional Japanese culture, while also supporting ryokan owners to protect these valuable cultural assets. OYO Hotels Japan offers support through its cutting-edge technology systems to ensure visitors from all over the world get a true Japanese omotenashi (hospitality) experience.
OYO Ryokan revives old ryokan by recreating their systems to accommodate guests from all walks of life while retaining a traditional atmosphere. Okami — the traditional head of ryokan — are employed to symbolize traditional Japanese hospitality, together with typical facilities and services infused with modern sophistication.
The OYO Ryokan logo uses a traditional Japanese mizuhiki knot as its motif. The knot includes all three letters of OYO intertwined, representing the company’s hope to connect people, the local community, and culture. The color used, is called umenezumi and was a popular shade during the Edo Period (603-1868).
OYO Ryokan provides each ryokan with its distinct brand elements, including framed guides on ryokan styles, tatami mat culture and hot spring tips, as well as futon sofas, yatai standing bars and more. This ensures international customers unfamiliar with Japan can enjoy the true essence of the ryokan culture with ease.

OYO Hotels Japan G.K. (Tokyo)

2020 Gold Award
Genre: Accommodations

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