2020 Gold

Tsukareshirazu socks (anti-fatigue socks)


These thin socks suit both casual and formal shoes, and offer comfort through moisture prevention and foot support. In addition,these socks were developed based on the following four points to reduce fatigue: 1) durability; 2) anti-fatigue; 3) quick and extreme absorbency to prevent perspiration becoming trapped; and 4) a deodorizing effect. After two years and four prototypes, Econoleg Corporation finally succeed in developing a new knitting method that provides superb durability and cushioning compared with traditional pile knitting. The new method is a world first (patent No. 6284256 in Japan; currently, patent is also pending in the U.S., the EU and China). Thanks to this technique, these socks boast twice the cushioning effect compared with those produced with pile knitted fabrics, while durability has been improved by 10 times compared to the company’s conventional socks. In addition, the socks’ quick absorbency, moisture-wicking effect, and deodorizing effect prevent unpleasant odors even if you are wearing shoes with low breathability. Thanks to the interwoven non-slip function and tape-knitting achieved using company’s own patented technology, the socks hold your foot securely in place to offer both a great grip and superb comfort.
The innovative structure solves typical sock problems, while doubling as an insole that reduces fatigue. Econoleg Corporation hopes to support not only those spend their work days on their feet, but also those who walk a lot and need comfort for daily activities such as shopping, doing housework, and sports.


2020 Gold Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


Short type
Long type
Short type (tabi socks)
Long type (tabi socks)


22cm~25cm, 25cm~27cm, 27cm~29cm


6 colors: Red, Mustard, Green Tea, Navy, Denim, Black

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Short type JPY1,600
Long type JPY1,800
Short type (tabi socks) JPY1,700
Long type (tabi socks) JPY1,900