Portable High Quality Brush with Makie

Hiroshima Artist Brush Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Hiroshima)

This luxury portable makeup brush set is designed and produced with quality and usability in mind. The powder and cheek brushes, made from blue squirrel hair, feel tender and smooth against the skin. The lip brush is made from high-quality weasel hair, which has a bit more resilience and elasticity, to let you precisely delineate lip lines. The Kumano Brush® is manufactured in a special way that does not cut the tip of the hair to achieve an excellent touch. A Japanese Maki-e style picture is drawn on the axis (printed on a silk screen), making it a perfect gift for someone special.

Hiroshima Artist Brush Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Hiroshima)

2019 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Set of three brushes (Powder brush, Cheek brush, Lip brush)

Type of hair:
Powder brush: Blue squirrel & Sokohou goat
Cheek brush: Blue squirrel & pony
Lip brush: Weasel


Goldfish (Maki-e)
*Product lineup will be increased in future

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

Set of three brushes: JPY16,200 (excluding tax)