SOMARU (Kyoto)

Ofuki is an eyeglass cleaning cloth made from Kyo-yuzen dyed silk. Using the same process as kimono fabric dyeing, skilled craftsmen first dye white fabric with a base print, followed by a design overlay for each individual cleaning cloth. Each combination is one of a kind, embodying the spirit of ichigo ichie, a Japanese phrase meaning that every encounter is a once in a lifetime experience. The package is made from tatoushi, the wrapping paper used to store kimonos to protect them from moisture. It is thin and light in weight, so it will not become bulky even if you buy many at a time. It is a work of art that sublimates the technique of Kyo-yuzen dyeing, which has been inherited from the Edo period (1603-1868) and is unique to Kyoto.

SOMARU (Kyoto)

2019 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Size: Approximately 17cm × 17cm


Differs depending on the product

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JPY1,500 per item (excluding tax)