2019 Consecutive

Jujube & Apple power jam

Saken Foods Co.,Ltd. (Nagano)

Enhancing the natural goodness of the ingredients, this jam is made from kogyoku (Jonathan) apples, a signature produce of Nagano Prefecture. The jujube fruits are grown organically at a nearby contracted farm and are known for various health benefits. The fermented apple paste is created from apple peels and cores that were previously being discarded despite their high nutritional contents. The resulting jam has a rich flavor, striking a good balance of sweetness and acidity by bringing out the best of each ingredient. Packed full of vitamins, rich in fiber and with antioxidant effects, this medicinal jam is our main product centering on the oriental medicine concept of shokuyojyo, or taking care of one’s body through everyday diet. The taste has been further enhanced by adding fermented apple paste, while the rich flavor and mildness are achieved by only using ingredients grown in Japan. It also pairs well with Japan’s traditional fermented foods such as miso and soy sauce, allowing you to make sauces and dressings by mixing them. We believe our product lets you rediscover the value of jujube fruits that had been appreciated by people since ancient times, while also proposing new unique ways to enjoy them. Raiden Taeemon, known as the greatest sumo wrestler born in Shinano Province (the current Nagano Prefecture) in Edo Period, is employed in the package design to depict the excellent shokuyojyo power of jujube fruits.

Saken Foods Co.,Ltd. (Nagano)

2019 Consecutive Awards
Genre: Food/Drink
Award winner for two consecutive years from 2018 to 2019



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140g JPY720 (excluding tax)
45g JPY385 (excluding tax)