Thermal Underwear

Kensen co.,ltd. (Tokyo)

Made with a special fiber called Danron® and using a special knitting structure, the Hidamari thermal underwear series has excellent heat retention. It is often selected by mountaineers who attempt to scale Mount Everest under extreme cold weather conditions. Every manufacturing process, from production and cutting of textiles, to sewing and inspection, is carried out within Japan. Supported by many fans over 40 years, Hidamari products are highly reliable.

Kensen co.,ltd. (Tokyo)

2019 Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


‘- Thermal underwear for winter: Three-layered (garment) and two-layered (sleeves)
Hidamari Kiwami / Hidamari Nozomi
– Thermal underwear for winter: Three-layered (thick)
Hidamari Chomolungma / Hidamari Everest
– Thermal underwear for autumn and winter: Three-layered (middle-thick)
Hidamari McKinley / Hidamari Kagayaki / Hidamari LA VIE SAINE
– Thermal underwear for spring and autumn: Two-layered
Hidamari Soft
– Underwear for spring and autumn: Air permeability
Hidamari Dry


S – 3L
*Varies depending on the product


Black, Charcoal gray, Off-white, Navy, Olive, Rose, Purple, Lilac, Peach
*Varies depending on the product

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

JPY3,000 – JPY12,800
Hidamari Kiwami: JPY7,500 – JPY9,000
Hidamari Nozomi: JPY7,000
Hidamari Chomolungma: JPYJPY9,000 – JPY12,800
Hidamari Everest: JPY9,000 – JPY9,500
Hidamari McKinley: JPY8,000
Hidamari Kagayaki: JPY7,500
Hidamari LA VIE SAINE: JPY7,500
Hidamari Soft: JPY4,900
Hidamari Dry: JPY3,000 – JPY3,800