Shark leather wallet series

AtelierShark LLC (Hyogo)

This product is made from the world’s highest-quality shark leather and is produced in Kesennuma, Miyagi prefecture. Shark leather has characteristics not found in any other leather, and because we value life and believe in manufacturing with consideration for the environment and ecology, our products’ leather is taken only from wild sharks caught for food, not from sharks bred for the harvesting of leather. The process from hide to final product takes almost three times as long and costs almost three times as much as conventional cowhide leather production. However, by making the extra effort and taking the time to make a unique product is an element of Japanese craftsmanship that is imbued in each and every item.

AtelierShark LLC (Hyogo)

2019 Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


A shark leather wallet series in six types
■Shark leather L type fastener long wallet
Once you try this wallet, you cannot go back! The long wallet is stress-free, with easy view and access to all its contents just by opening the zipper.
Functions: Holds approximately 12 cards, 50 bills and 20 coins
■Shark leather breast wallet
For those who carry coins separately and like to enjoy the slim line of the beautiful wallet. This smart billfold is regaining popularity in the cashless age, exuding a mature confidence.
Functions: Holds approximately 8 cards and 100 bills
■Shark leather bi-fold wallet
A classic style based on rationality, the standard shape for men’s wallets that has stood the test of time throughout history with excellent usability.
Functions: Holds approximately 5 cards, 20 bills and 10 coins
■Shark leather L type fastener multi wallet
With much bigger capacity than it looks, the multi wallet is small and versatile, perfect for vacation, business trips and shopping. Everything you need to carry in a wallet fits right in the small package.
Functions: Holds approximately 10 cards, 10 bills folded in half and 10 coins
■Shark leather coin case
Made for the smart and mature user, who prefers to keep the main wallet thin and stylish. The box-type coin case makes it easy to retrieve the coins.
Function: Holds approximately 20 coins
■Shark leather minimalism wallet
The perfect wallet for modern-day Japan, combining the functions of money clip and pass card case to create the optimum style in the cashless society.
Functions: Holds approximately 10 bills folded in half and 5 cards


Black, Blue, Green, Red
*All products come in four colors

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

■Shark leather L type fastener long wallet: JPY37,000
■Shark leather breast wallet: JPY35,000
■Shark leather bi-fold wallet: JPY28,000
■Shark leather L type fastener multi wallet: JPY13,000
■Shark leather coin case: JPY12,000
■Shark leather minimalism wallet: JPY8,500
*All prices exclude tax