harukami cobble

Yanase Washi Ltd. (Fukui)

The harukami [cobble] series is a box that resembles a real stone. It is made with Japanese washi paper by Yanasewashi, a company located in Fukui Prefecture. The company has primarily produced washi paper for fusuma sliding doors using a traditional Echizen washi technique that boasts a history of 1,500 years. However, as the demand for sliding doors has declined, Yanasewashi has decided to develop a completely new product. When they were trying to get inspiration from nature, a beautiful cobble by the riverside caught their eye by chance — it was then employed as the box’s form. The box is made by layering multiple Echizen washi paper leafs to enhance its strength while the exquisite round shape of the cobbles is reproduced using advanced 3D printing technology. As a result, harukami [cobble] boxes are excellent in both aesthetic appeal and practical utilit and their unique shape offers a feeling of relaxation as well as serving as a great conversation starter.

Yanase Washi Ltd. (Fukui)

2018 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


S, M, L, EL (Extra Large)


4 Colors: Dark Gray, Gray, Light Gray, Brown

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S size JPY3,000
M size JPY5,000
L size JPY8,000
EL (extra large) size JPY12,000
(All excluding tax)