eternal ring

Hatakeyama shippou seisakusyo (Tokyo)

The eternal ring series was created by an artisan who has been dedicated to shippoyaki (metal enameling) for nearly 40 years and is certified as traditional craftsman of Tokyo. The rings are stylish and of unisex design and were produced through a collaboration between a French art director and a Japanese designer. One of the unique features is the seven shades of color that creates a seemingly infinite loop. It takes incredible skill to create a smooth finish of a light-colored solid color. In addition, only a few craftsmen can beautifully polish and flatten the 12 sides of the ring as it requires a very sophisticated technique. Therefore, the eternal ring is a rare product which can be only produced using a unique, advanced technique. The traditional beauty achieved by concentrating exceptional craftsmanship into a simple design will surely grab the heart of people around the world.

Hatakeyama shippou seisakusyo (Tokyo)

2018 Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


S 11, 13, 15
M 11, 13 ,15
L 11, 13, 15


Gray, Blue, Yellow, Multi-color
*Each color contains 7 shades

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S JPY18,000
M JPY24,000
L JPY28,000
(All excluding tax)