Japan couture Ltd, (Kanagawa)

Social isolation and sense of loneliness are some of the issues that can arise with modern childcare. With this in mind, BABY RING MIRAI was created to provide healing to mothers by reminding them of family bonds while helping them feel connected to society. Although this tiny ring is made in the size of a baby’s finger, it can be also worn as a pendant on a chain. It reminds you of the joyful moment when the baby was born every time you see it. And when the child is older, the ring that embodies your unconditional love for your child makes the perfect gift for them. It uses a small-sized Akoya pearl, which only a limited number of craftsmen in Japan can produce. BABY RING MIRAI is a ring imbued with hope for your child’s growth, respect for Japanese culture, and family bonds.

Japan couture Ltd, (Kanagawa)

2018 Award
Genre: Daily necessities

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JPY20,000 (excluding tax)