Shiganosato nametake made in Shinshu

Takamisawa Co., Ltd. (Nagano)

This very special nametake is produced in Nakano in Nagano Prefecture, an area famous for being the top production location of enoki mushrooms. It is made in response to the growing demand for high-quality products focused on quality over quantity, along with the increasing trend toward smaller, nuclear families. Made through collaboration with a local food analyst, Shiganosato nametake has a crunchy and juicy texture unique to enoki mushrooms, which is unlike the usual soft, creamy nametake. In addition to the seven flavors available, Shiganosato nametake contains less liquid so that it can be used in various dishes to brighten up the dining table.

Takamisawa Co., Ltd. (Nagano)

2018 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Nametake (Brown)
Nametake red pepper (Red)
Kakinokidake (Yellow)
Nametake with bamboo shoot (Ocher)
Nametake sansho (Olive green)
Nametake with botankosho (Yellow green)
Nametake with nozawana (Green)



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JPY417 per item
Gift set of 3 JPY1,500
Gift set of 6 JPY3,000
Gift set of 8 JPY4,000
(All excluding tax)