KYOYA Co., Ltd. (Iwate)

Hanten coats, which are often worn at festivals and events in Japan, used to be everyday wear in the past. Wappari was created by redesigning hanten coats to suit a modern lifestyle. It’s the brainchild of a dyeing company in Iwate Prefecture that carries out fully integrated production from design, to dyeing and sewing. Based on the desire to carry on the fashionable and beautiful Japanese culture, and at the same time, add a delightful touch to modern lifestyles, the men’s coat is designed to be a bit shorter and stylish, while the women’s coat is long and elegant, and can be worn as a cardigan. Wappari coats, which have a modern look while employing Japanese traditional patterns, are perfect for coordinating with your everyday wardrobe.

KYOYA Co., Ltd. (Iwate)

2018 Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


For women, for men


Crane and tortoise (peach blossom)Pine, bamboo and plum (celadon green)Crane (saffron)Lion (indigo-tinged grey)Plain (indigo, dark blue, red vermilion)

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JPY12,000 (excluding tax)