Ainoyatei Domestically-produced Unagi Kabayaki

AJX Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

Located near Kamata Station in Tokyo, Ainoyatei has been offering unagi kabayaki (eel grilled after being dipped into a sweet soy sauce based-glaze called kabayaki sauce) for nearly 35 years. This vacuum packed and frozen unagi kabayaki allows you to easily enjoy the authentic taste of Ainoyatei’s eel, which is grilled carefully by hand by a master chef. In the same way, each eel used for the product is butterflied and skewered one by one, then gently grilled by hand without using a machine — this is to bring out the optimal balance of fat. Eels, which are steamed using a pressure pan instead of a seiro bamboo steamer basket, have an extremely tender meat that can be easily split with chopsticks. The secret salty soy sauce is prepared without adding any coloring agents, preservatives or other additives and has been passed down since the restaurant’s founding by mixing new sauce into the old base. Because the product is also made using the same method and sauce as in the restaurant, you can easily enjoy the same taste at home just by heating it in hot water. In addition, only domestic eels are used. The elegant package also makes it a perfect gift.

AJX Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

2018 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


・Regular size
2 pieces (approximately 200g)
4 pieces (approximately 240g)

・Half size
2 pieces (approximately 120g)
3 pieces (approximately 180g)
4 pieces (approximately 240g)

・Regular size & half size
2 pieces (approximately 160g)
4 pieces (approximately 320g)

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Half size for two people JPY3,686~
(excluding tax and shipment fee)