2018 Gold

Yamandori Gift Set

Hyakushoya Co., Ltd. (Saga)

Japan is home to an abundance of high quality produce, some more famous than others. Saga’s brand-name chicken Honebuto Ariakedori is one that is not yet as well known, but definitely not to be missed. The Yamandori Gift Set lets you enjoy the natural flavor of this chicken to the fullest with a trio of roasted chicken legs, smoked breast meat and sausages that use a 50-50 mix of meat from the breast and the leg. The secret is in keeping the ingredients and production process completely additive-free. The chickens are raised in a stress-free environment with non-antibiotic original feed throughout the entire feeding period. Care is taken also in the processing by avoiding additives and keeping the flavoring simple with just salt and a light seasoning, so it can be consumed with peace of mind as well as making it easy to create your own twist. Once you discover its natural goodness, you won’t be able to wait to tell others.

Hyakushoya Co., Ltd. (Saga)

2018 Gold Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Roasted chicken, Smoked chicken, Sausage

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Gift set JPY2,600 (excluding tax)