2018 Special


Yamashiro, (Kyoto)

Chizimi is an elasticated fabric made of 100% cotton, which is created by twisting the weft yarn during weaving. It’s one of Japan’s traditional materials, whose origins date back to the early Edo period. Chizimi fabrics have been produced in Japan as a kimono undergarment; however, they were considered unsuitable for mass production in the high growth period of the postwar era and the number of Chizimi fabric manufacturers has sharply decreased in recent years. In addition to being stretchy, the fabric dries fast because the area where it comes in contact with the skin is small; therefore, it is perfect for the extremely hot and humid summers of Japan. Kyo-Chizimi was created by incorporating a modern design while maintaining the fabric’s advantages. It is a material that was brought to life based on Japan’s profound knowledge since ancient times, which makes you want to use it for years in various ways – for example, as roomwear or as a layering underneath kimono or other garments.

Yamashiro, (Kyoto)

2018 Special Distinction Award (Regional Brand Award)
Genre: Daily necessities

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JPY2,250 – JPY15,000 (excluding tax)