Stickers often take on supporting roles, such as decorations for packages. The pavilio series, however, was created to give stickers a starring role when it comes to gift wrapping. The designer has created more than 100 variations, ranging from lace to geometric patterns. Just add these beautiful stickers to any gift wrapping or party decorations to instantly jazz them up with an elegant flair. The secret to its intricate design is a proprietary technology that can cut lines thinner than 2mm, a technique which was previously considered impossible. Another design technique that can be achieved with these stickers is to slowly roll up the sticker tape into delicate designs, sometimes even asymmetrical ones, by evenly distributing tension. These crafts, only made possible with the efforts of a manufacturer specializing in stickers, will add a fresh new touch to many situations in your daily life.


2018 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Standard (ST), Star, JAPONISM, Bracelet, Arabesque, Mini (MI), White (WH), Gold Black Red (GBR), Botanical

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

Standard (ST) JPY420
Mini (MI) JPY350
White (WH), Gold Black Red (GBR), Botanical JPY800/JPY1,000;
Star, JAPONISM, Bracelet, Arabesque, Delft, Egypt, Firenze/Venezia JPY580;
Flower JPY480;
Museum collaboration JPY580 and up
(All excluding tax)