“What one likes, one will do well” is a proverb that exemplifies this artisanal set of gourmet bacons – Molly’s Hokkaido Raw Bacon Set. It all happened about 20 years ago when the artisan, who was working in a different field at the time, was blown away by the delicious bacon he had in Hokkaido, and became an apprentice to a smoking artisan he respected. After five years of training, he established the current company to take over the techniques of his aging master and start out on a journey dedicated to smoked products. Ingredients such as pork, salt and herbs are stringently selected and dry-aged with time and care. And with perfect timing, they are smoked with the heat from binchotan charcoal under strict temperature control to lock in the flavor. The wonderful smell and taste of the finished bacons exist in the realm of art, born from indefatigible exploration into the world of smoking.


2018 Award
Genre: Food/Drink

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One set JPY3,000 (excluding tax)