Toufuno Misoduke Tumugi Four Types

Toufukoubou Nukumoribatake (Fukuoka)

Made with a combination of miso, sake and tofu, the Toufuno Misoduke (Tofu pickled in miso) is an ultimate Japanese traditional food. Generally, it is not good to store tofu for a long period because it ferments and spoils quickly. This product was created to overcome this problem so that tofu can be enjoyed as a gift with a relatively long preservation period. To enable long-term preservation, producers have searched for the optimal combination, such as pickling tofu in handmade miso with salt content adjusted. After six years of trial and error, an additive-free tofu using local Fukuoka soybeans produced with the power of fermentation was born. With a cream cheese-like texture, the tofu is manufactured without any additives so it can be safely enjoyed by people of all ages, from small children to elderly people. Not only does it make a great healthy gift, it is also a savory match with alcohol.

Toufukoubou Nukumoribatake (Fukuoka)

2017 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Plain, Red pepper, Ginger, Yuzu

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1 box (4 pieces) JPY4,723 (excluding tax)