Sochikusya Co., Ltd. (Mie)

Tanzaku is made by incorporating plastering techniques, which played an important role in housing construction until recently. The number of plasterers has decreased from 300,000 to 50,000, as plastering using clay or mortar walls has been replaced over time with vinyl. Tanzaku was brought to life by Sochikusya plasterers in order to pass on their techniques and to develop an item that is easy to use in modern life. It also serves to decorate a space with flowers and other ornaments, producing a harmonious atmosphere. Tanzaku, which has advantages such as temperature control and deodorizing effects, creates a unique space.

Sochikusya Co., Ltd. (Mie)

2017 Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


Otsumigaki (polished Otsu): Bengara (iron oxide red), Sumi (black), Shokudo (natural earth color)
Shokudojimai (Shokudo finish): Neritsuchi (mixed clay), shokudojimai
*Ornaments sold separately

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From JPY24,000 (excluding tax)