DAYBREAK long wallet


The DAYBREAK long wallet is made by applying gold leaf gilding, which is one of the traditional techniques of Kyoto. The gilt used for the product is Kanazawa gold leaf, which is said to be the thinnest in the world – only 0.0001 millimeters thick. Kanazawa gold leaf is carefully gilded to the leather and dried piece by piece by traditional craftsmen from Kyoto. It is a delicate process that is even dependent on weather conditions. Finally, more gold leaf is applied to finish the product. Made only with fine materials, the DAYBREAK long wallet boasts a gorgeous design that sets it apart from cheap wallets that are currently being sold in the market. This product was brought to life in the hopes of revitalizing traditional gold leaf gilding technique by offering quality work to many people. This wallet – decorated with gold leaf to convey the shining sun as well as the beginning of a colorful, bright day – not only excels in design but also comes equipped with functions necessary in modern life.


2017 Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


Bronze, Champagne pink, Aqua, Bordeaux, Grape, Pistachio

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JPY34,200 (excluding tax)