Ishokudougen Co,. Ltd. (Hokkaido)

Gagome kombu (kelp), which can only be picked at seas near Hakodate in Hokkaido Prefecture, is said to help to prevent lifestyle diseases and control blood glucose levels. This make-your-own side dish set includes Gagome kombu and vegetables such as burdock and daikon radish from Aomori Prefecture, which is a major production area for vegetables. Normally, pickles have short eat-before-dates upon opening; therefore, they may go bad when stored at room temperature, or before you can finish them all. In contrast, our product has achieved a shelf life of approximately six months by drying the ingredients. Anyone can easily make this popular side dish anywhere by mixing the dried ingredients and the special sauce inside the package container. It is a perfect gift for those who live outside of Japan to share delicious food drawn from the land and sea of Tsugaru Strait. Enjoy on rice or with a drink.

Ishokudougen Co,. Ltd. (Hokkaido)

2017 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Matsumae-zuke (pickled dried squid and kombu), Gagome Kelp Side Dish Hand Made Set, Kaikyo-zuke (dried squid, kombu and vegetables pickled in ginger-miso sauce)

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JPY900 per item (excluding tax)
Set of 3: JPY2,700 (excluding tax)