2017 Gold


Sekicho inc. (Fukuoka)

A set of “okowa” (steamed rice with red beans) produced by the “okami” (traditional chief service manager) of Sekichotei, a traditional Japanese restaurant in Fukuoka Prefecture. The delicate taste is brought out by using local additive-free seasoning and the finest ingredients such as “MINOU ITTON” brand pork, which is famous for being raised stress free; three-year-matured soy sauce; and “FUYU” persimmon puree. After being soaked in a special sauce, the okowa is quick-frozen and only the best parts of the sweet “kakuni” (stewed pork) are added to the top before the okowa are vacuum-packed. Just by microwaving, the refined bamboo aroma and the sweet kakuni flavor can easily be enjoyed at home. The word “Hotomeki” used in the product name is a local dialect phrase that means “cordial hospitality.” The okowa are special products wrapped in bamboo leaf and rush grass, which are associated with the Japanese beauty of kimono, “obi” (kimono belt) and “obijime” (a rope that is used to decorate the obi).

Sekicho inc. (Fukuoka)

2017 Gold Award
Genre: Food/Drink


HOTOMEKI OKOWA MABUSHI: Sweet picked ginger, Asahori takenoko (fresh bamboo shoots)
*Ingredients may vary depending on the season

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